3D Printing Metal with Filamet, the MVP for Kent State University

Created from an innovative material, a special 3D printed object will soon take pride of place in the home of a prize-winning athlete. The Virtual Foundry, a 3D printing material m [...]

Full colour 3D printer on Kickstarter!

An ambitious full-color 3D printer has launched on Kickstarter. It has smashed its target in days and now the RoVa4D promises to give you complete creative freedom with your additi [...]

CMU Student Changes 8 Year Old’s Life

A student from Breckenridge, Michigan has helped a young boy from Muskegon Heights feel like a superhero, by 3D printing a Captain America inspired prosthetic hand. Austin Brittain [...]

Pascal Morand: opinion on 3D printing in fashion

3D printing is the next industrial revolution, according to Pascal Morand. “Make no mistake, 3D printing is nothing short of a new industrial revolution that also holds potential f [...]

3D printed race car heads to Birmingham’s Thinktank

A race car that competed in the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans and featured a host of 3D printed parts will be on display at the Thinktank at the Birmingham Science Museum from 28th July [...]

Single layer Graphene Oxide goes on sale

Graphene 3D Lab Inc has put a new material made of single-layer Graphene Oxide on sale. Is this the Graphene breakthrough we’ve been waiting for? Not yet, but we're getting there. [...]

Anyone can 3D Print a Robot Arm!

BCN3D Technologies has released the BCN3D Moveo, an innovative robot arm which has a 3D printed structure, and electronics that are controlled by Arduino software.The Intention?The [...]

Food Ink’s London launch is a futuristic frenzy

The team at 3D Printing Industry previously reported on Food Ink's upcoming stop in London as part of a pop-up dinner series, which showcases 100% 3D printed foods, utensils and fu [...]

The new Ooznest OX is super user-friendly

UK based 3D product suppliers, Ooznest have just released another addition to their 3D machine kit line up. Having been in demand since the mechanical kits release, the new Ooznest [...]

Sonaca and Fives-Michelin announce partnership

Sonaca and Fives-Michelin Additive Solutions (FMAS) France are joining forces to develop, manufacture, and market 3D printed titanium components for the aerospace industry. The col [...]