Branch Technology unveils SHoP Architects’ 3D printed pavilion at Design Miami

The largest 3D printed pavilions in the world were on display in Florida recently for the Design Miami exhibition. The structures were 3D printed and installed by 3D printing compa [...]

What do Adobe Stock 3D models mean for the 3D printing community?

Project Felix is Adobe’s new cloud-based software that allows graphic designers to combine 2D and 3D images. The program comes with a new 3D model library on Adobe Stock, and 3D Pr [...]

Trumpf partner with Siemens as 3D printing continues on industrialization path

Siemens continue advancing into the 3D printing industry via a partnership with 3D printer manufacturers, Trumpf. We take a closer look at the implications for the additive manufac [...]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: the Light Rider, Robo 3D, Polaroid, Shining 3D, Sintavia and Concept Laser.

3D Printing Industry's most recent slice of 3D printing news features: the Light Rider 3D printed motorcycle; Robo 3D scaling up production of 3D printers; Polaroid launching 3D pe [...]

Google release Draco in bid to continue growth of 3D digital technology

Google have published an open source compression library known as 'Draco' "to improve the storage and transmission of 3D graphics." The files enhance the compression of 3D data and [...]

3D printing helps Rolls-Royce sell record number of cars

In 2016 Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the CEO of Rolls-Royce, shared how embracing new technologies, including 3D printing, is his strategy for the company’s survival. Sales figures for 20 [...]

MIT create adaptive 3D printing process using light

Researchers at MIT have developed a method of altering 3D printed objects once printed. The technique involves using light in order to adapt the chemical structure of a 3D printed [...]

3D Printing Industry review of the week

Last week 3D Printing Industry brought you news about how large companies are starting to go public with developments for the future of 3D printing, and how 2017 is shaping up to b [...]

Deutsche Bahn get on-board Local Motor’s self-driving Olli in Berlin

Local Motors and German rail company Deutsche Bahn bring 3D printed self-driving vehicle Olli to Germany in a new trial. The six-month long pilot programme established by Innoz, De [...]

3D printing makes controversial Moon Express mission to mine lunar materials possible

California-based commercial aerospace company Moon Express, are on track to send their Electron rocket to the Moon in 2017. The Electron is propelled by 3D printed engines made by [...]