3D printed pills: interview with FabRx at University College London

Are 3D printed pills the future? We visited a London laboratory to find out. Established by academics from University College London (UCL) in 2014, FabRx is a company seeking comme [...]

3D printed breast implant lattice could revolutionize cancer reconstructive surgery

French researchers have won a prize for their innovative use of 3D printing to create a breast implant for cancer reconstruction surgery. The project, coined Mat(t)isse, was carrie [...]

Why 3D print copies of art and sculpture? Interview with Scan the World

Scan the World is a project founded by Jonathan Beck in 2014. In his own words, Jonathan explains it as "a community built initiative archiving objects of cultural significance fro [...]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: Rocket Lab, Under Armour, Wiivv, Hackaday, Cults 3D and the French election

In this edition of Sliced, our 3D printing news digest, we feature: Rocket Lab, Under Armour, Layer, Rosatom, Wiivv, Hackaday, Cults 3D and the French presidential election. Rocket [...]

3D Printing The Next Five Years by Florian Reichle, CEO trinckle

This is a guest post in our series looking at the future of 3D Printing. To celebrate 5 years of reporting on the 3D printing industry, we’ve invited industry leaders and 3D printi [...]

E3D announces 2-in-1 Titan Aero hotend extruder combo

The UK’s E3D Online has announced technical specifications and pricing of their 2-in-1 3D printing extruder and hotend combo. The company say, the new device has, ”the lightweight [...]

3D printed device from MIT CSAIL shows the possibility of a smart “skin” for robots

As current electronics are easily breakable, researchers are looking to develop a way to make them more flexible, and intuitive. With 3D printing, one project from the Computer Sci [...]

3D Platform does “more” with 2017 updates and the WorkBenchPro

US 3D printer manufacturers, 3D Platform has announced an update to their line of additive manufacturing systems. The Illinois based company are giving their machine offerings a re [...]

Challenges in modeling and simulation for metal additive manufacturing

In recent years, modeling of various manufacturing processes has become increasingly important for industry. To a large extent, these models are based on computer aided techniques. [...]

Bondtech releases lightweight BMG extruder with “best force to weight” ratio on the market

Swedish company, Bondtech has released the lightweight BMG Extruder that the company say will save users both time and money. The BMG is a lightweight extruder with high feeding ca [...]